Starting my day…

24 Oct

It’s only 8:40 and I’m already ready for the day to be over. 🙂  It’s going to be a long one.  I have 3 new concepts to develop today, more book work to continue on with (making a coffee table book for a client), it’s a half day for my kids at school too.  I get most of my work done either early in the morning or late at night. 

 There’s a debate going on in one of the forums I belong to about whether or not the design business is a good business to delve into.  Yea the industry is saturated… but I’m a firm believer that there is plenty of work to go around.  My firm has been doing well and looks like we’re going to double last year’s profits this year…always a good thing. 

 I’m also planning a second business which I hope will really take off.  I want to help other designers find work.  Something I seem to be good at.  The more I speak to new designers and fledgling freelancers the more I realize that our schools are just not training people to be prepared for the real world.  Designers come out of school and instead of having some kind of clue how to market themselves out in the world, these students are having to brave going without jobs for somewhat lengthy periods of time.  It’s a sink or swim type of mentality out there.  That’s why I’m hoping my new business venture will really be able to help and affect the industry.  If I can take some of that stress, some of that risk out of it, perhaps more amazing designers would actually survive and be successful.  The web and design industry are a bit like the wild west as of late.  Maybe the new business will become an active sheriff 🙂  Well, i better get going… today I get to come up with something somewhat like Salvador Dali  🙂 … and another concept reminiscent of escher.  🙂  Should be fun.  I rarely get to do stuff that speaks about ART in the traditional sense of the word.


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