Dealing with a Pompous A**

24 Oct

I am currently working with two Pompous A**es. And it’s driving me positively insane. It’s one thing to be confident and outgoing and proud…it’s a whole new ballgame when you talk a lot of BS and don’t have diddly squat to back it up with. 1 of them is a client, can’t do much about it. Just grin and bear and do what you can. I never actually thought i’d work with someone who LIKED comic sans.. i guess i always thought it was the cliche to say. The other.. well it gets complicated. I haven’t yet found the answers. I will though. I swim 3 days a week and tonight while at the pool I was thinking about.. you guessed it! DESIGN! I know.. it’s an obsession. It really can take over your life ) But I came home and sat down in front of my computer and was just greatful from the break from the madness that is my computer. I’m not sure what the point of this was.. I think i just wanted someone to write to.

 I sometimes worry that I’ll tap myself out.  I came up with 3 concepts for websites today complete with mock ups, worked on a business concept for a client, coached a couple of people AND worked on a book project.  I wonder if other designers worry about losing the ability to create?  I’ve gone through rutts, but nothing too serious.  It always worked it’s way out.

 I need to go eat… talk later!


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