Don’t people SMILE anymore?

24 Oct

Well, I’m disappointed with the folks from my neighborhood.  I drop my kids off every morning and although i’m half asleep, I always try and remember to smile at people.. especially if they smile first.  But what’s strange.. NO ONE smiles first.  Am I THAT ugly in the morning?  Do they need an extra shot of coffee?  Yea, i’m a stranger, but what happened to the good old days when people would wave and smile at those they meet?  Mayberry.. where are you?  Ok , so i’m sure some of it has to do with the fact that I’m here in Seattle.  People are so cracked out on caffeine and so busy trying to make it to their next appointment that the last thing on their minds is smiling.. but would it really hurt to spread a little civility?  Spread the love people!  I met a man at my kids’s school today who’s a parent of a very cute little autistic girl.  He has no car.. and I volunteered to drive him to an appointment that they need to go to.  I don’t mind that much.. but then warnings came into my head.. my mother’s old rantings about never getting into cars with strangers.  Does that rule count when it’s my own car? 🙂  I’m just trying to do the neighborly thing.. but is that even a consideration these days?  I’d love to know how many people ACTUALLY know and talk to to their neighbors on a regular basis.  Our closest neighbor is this cute little old chinese couple.  We wave.. he’ll wave.. but that’s about it. 

 Ok , i’ve rambled on enough 🙂 chat later!



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