Digital Painting

28 Oct

It’s 7:30am on Sunday morning.  Everyone in my house is asleep, and all is quiet and still.  My favorite time of the day.  I just wanted to sleep in today, but we’re going to a wedding this afternoon and that means it’s messing up my schedule for the day.  It dawned on me that I haven’t been to a wedding in YEARS!  Maybe i’ll come home with some new ideas or inspiration 🙂  What are you all up to today?  Anything fun?

I’m working on a digital painting piece (well … technically multiple pieces) for a calendar I’m putting together to give out at christmas time featuring some of my graphic design and illustration.  I work on that in my spare time.  I’m having a hard time on a particular piece.  I just can’t seem to get one of the colors right.  It’s hair, which of course means there’s multi colors going on, but it always ends up either too orange, or too red.  FRUSTRATING!  Once I’m done with this particular piece, it means I’ll have 9 more to make!  LOL .  Ah well.  … I better get back to it… but here’s an example of what i’ve done so far…  I cannot take credit for all of the line art.  Some has been done by others.  Some has been done by me.  For full copyright info please let me know …

Bugs Bunny     ariel.jpg     Moon Elf




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