Hoo it’s been a short while…

9 Nov

I’m busy working on a coffee table book.  It is one of 6 projects currently on my plate.  391 pages all designed around professional drifting.. it’s definitely a whopper.  But it’s managed to teach me a LOT in such a short amount of time.  For one thing, I didn’t know much about drifting but mostly because I had to stand firm on my client.. Our initial quote reflected that of a 50 page book, but it’s now such a bohemoth in size that I had to go back and requote.  Once I stuck to my guns on my price and explained why the price increase, the client was satisfied, and now ..we’re both satisfied. 

 But it got me thinking….How much do we, as business owners, take cuts in prices or end up getting paid for less work all because we’re afraid to tell our clients what’s really on our minds?  Of course, our customers are the most important part of our business.  They are in essence our paycheck, but how can you have the very best relationship with them when you’re afraid of them?  The one thing my client’s know, love and expect from me.. is my honesty.  How honest are you with your clients? 




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