Doing what you love…

3 Dec

I was thinking today about my parents. I love them, and they do very well at what they do professionally. But neither of them ever dreamed of starting their own business… they were happy and content with working for someone else. Which is just fine. I’m proud of them. In some ways I strive to be like them. But I’ve also discovered that more than anything, I just want to do something I love. Now in many cases, that becomes a downfall. I’ve seen so many people try to turn something they love into a business and end up not only not remembering why they got their start, but losing that original love for whatever product or service they were providing.

I think for many of us, it’s a fear we have. Especially as a business owner, you put so much into running the business. You give up valuable family time, personal time. A business can become VERY consuming. But if at any point in your sacrifices you can honestly still say that you LOVE what you do, then I think you’ve made success. Whether it means you have a million in the bank or you’re just making it. It’s been a few years for me. I’ve had moments where I’ve wanted to just shut down. I was too tired to too run down. But I keep going. Anyone who knows me knows that my younger self was notorious for starting things and not finishing them. I remember my family saying that would be the case for me with design. And not once has it happened. It’s a matter of pride for one, but ultimately it comes down to the simple fact that doing this art form is the one thing that I LOVE doing. So for any of you out there who feel as I once felt. Run down, inconsequential, like the whole world is either laughing at you, trying to screw you over, or just plain hateing you and everything you stand for.. believe me when I say you’re not alone. You’ll make it. Business is hard! You’regoing to make mistakes. No one ever said you had to be perfect, you just have to give your all and don’t forget WHY you started to begin with. Find something to love in your day EVERY day… and no it can’t be when you clock out. Believe in your own abilities…and you’ll pull through. I did.



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