Speed & Design

10 Dec

Well, it’s another week.  We’re slammed here.  And yet we still all manage to have a lot of fun.  However there are still times when i’m baffled by requests or expectations that some people have.  Why does it seem that the clients who are virgins to hiring a designer seem to have such strange expectations?   Maybe today has just been odd.. but we’ve had 1 client request something so dated in appearance i’m ashamed to put my name on it… and another client want way over above and beyond what i can produce in 5 minutes.  A friend of mine works as an in-house designer and I guess he has this problem all the time.  People assume that their change or “quick job” will only take a few minutes… and it may, but sometimes an idea has to percolate a bit.  Coming up with a concept that is timeless and has a “wow” factor isn’t easy and isn’t always quick.  Well that’s my short rant for the day.  Now I better get back to work.  Have a good one folks!



One Response to “Speed & Design”

  1. michael brito December 14, 2007 at 1:21 am #

    clients with unreal expectations??? when did this happen?

    I tend to build friendships with most of my clients (the benefit of working with smaller companies), so when i say something like your stupid or i don’t want to do that it’s usually no big deal, but i’ve also lost clients because of my big mouth.

    oh well, se la vie.


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