Some thoughts from an interview

14 Dec

Well, I had an interview today.  When I say “had an interview” it means I was interviewing someone else.. not the other way around.  🙂  I’ve had many, i’m getting used to doing them, but this one left me thinking.  We’re a pretty casual company so we have interviews at local coffee shops or somewhere a little less intimidating.  This particular girl had a LOT of talent.  I was pretty excited and she actually did something that few really do.  She came prepared with TONS of questions for me.  So much so that I was almost rethinking the 9:30 am time, as I don’t function normally until noon.  Thank god for caffeine.  But her questions really had me contemplating business, interviews, and my company as a whole.

I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it a million times, I LOVE my job.  But I am I think, an unusual character.  After doing this for so long, I STILL practice new techniques daily.  It’s how I wind down actually.  But it also pushes me to think deeper and go deeper with my work.  I also don’t normally tell people that I’m the owner of JW.  Of course, the employees know.. but clients?  To them, i’m just a designer, and personally, I like to keep it that way.  Otherwise they’d always be insistent to speak with me or deal with me.  It’s the “incognito” side of my job.  I like it this way.  I don’t want to be sucked up to or manipulated just because I own a company.. I just want to do what I love.

I sat and talked with this girl about the new side projects I’ve got “in the works”.  And believe me when I say that there are many.  I’ve got a second business I want to start, I’ve got a redesign and ecommerce implementation to put on the JW website.  It’s going to be so wonderful and will hopefully go live for the new year.  But in it, will include an employee section, password protected, with a design dictionary of terms, resources and inspiration gallery, templates for different file set ups and layouts, tutorials etc etc.  The ecommerce section of the new JW will provide us with a way of bringing in some more steady income.  And with all of this, I also want to hit some comicons this year and do some research about that industry.  So yea, there’s a lot going on, but all of it is absolutely exciting.  At least for me.  I guess it had her concerned.  Now obviously all of this isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’d be happy if it all came together in the next 4 years.  These are goals I have.   Too bad I can’t clone myself.

In the end, I almost felt as if I was being interviewed.. not that it’s a bad thing, but definitely one of my most unusual experiences being on the other end of the table.  Just thought i’d share!  Perhaps it can help someone else when they’re polishing up their resume and getting ready for their next interview.  Happy Friday!



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