People are weird…

2 Jan

325804_24239274.jpgSo, I belong to a forum, i’m a moderator over there actually. My plan to secretly take over the world is working brilliantly! I’m kidding of course. But today a new member posted a question that caused a little stir. He wanted to know if his business was on target, whether or not his salary for the year was “normal” or above. Not a bad thing to ask in my opinion, but for some reason, whenever people start talking about money in this industry they get their panties in a bunch. WHY?! We’re business owners! We’re all on the same side of the fence here folks. I realize that a lot of things come into play when discussing profits. Location, talent, credit, the ability to market, salesmanship, even luck! But lets take that out of the equation and answer the question. Where is the defining point for success in this industry? Where’s the bar? If your firm brings over 100K is it considered big potatoes? Or is it 200K? or 500K? When do you go from being someone who’s a small business? If we’re not allowed to ask these questions how will we learn? Wouldn’t THEY like to know too? Or maybe they don’t think like that? I just don’t know … lol.

There’s my rant for the day… 🙂 I hope all of you are well.



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