The end of a very long week

8 Feb

333080_87662421.jpg Well, it’s finally friday. And I must say, I’m greatful that this week is almost over. It’s been a very long, and very stressful week. However that being said, I’ve been working on some pretty fun projects….

I’m doing a new jar design for a pretty well known skin cream company. I’m doing a probono project with the gay court of everett (in washington) which has been a lot of fun so far. (No i don’t normally do probono work, but how can you turn down a bunch of adorable gay men who give you puppy dog eyes?) Looks like i’ll be starting (next week) a project for a theater company… so excited about that one. They have such personality, it will mean a heck of a lot of a color and personality that must be translated to their new website. And I’ve got a few other smaller projects on the plate.

But my biggest news for excitement is that I’m FINALLY going to really and truly get started on my second business. Now that I’ve got the new redesign live for JW, I can focus a little more attention on getting the other business started. And i’m oh so happy about that. Finally a chance to do work that will really help others, and do something to make a difference in this industry.

It’s funny, how little time we really have. Between marketing, design, production work, customer service, accounting, etc etc… then add in being a mom, being a wife etc etc… there just aren’t enough hours in my day. I’m sure many business owners have that same problem. I’ve been looking at different software packages that help with time and project management. There seem to be a few good ones out there. But I think the overall success of that type of software program will depend a lot on how well we as the business owners can remember to actually USE them. I’ve tried out a few so far and they’re either too simple or too complicated. Makes me tempted to just continue using excel and my own time sheets I have printed on paper. But I know that there is real value in the ability to do it all on the computer. So I’ll keep looking at software until i find the right fit for my firm.

I’m keeping this short today as I’m hoping i’ll be able to wrap up all my work and be able to have a nice relaxing night. Stay tuned though folks…and have a fantabulous friday!



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