A short order…

22 Feb

inbox Had to let someone go today. I hate doing that. It always makes me feel just awful. Luckily i’ve got enough on my plate right now that I can just dig in and forget about it as best as I can. I’m thankful it’s friday. 🙂 I say that a lot. What’s funny is that being friday does not mean the end of my work week. I typically work Saturdays. Sundays too if we’re slammed. I read an article this morning about Entrepeneurs and their tendency to be more susceptible to getting depression. It can be somewhat of a lonely lifestyle. Most business owners that I know work long hard hours and when they aren’t working, they’re thinking about work. Hard to be social when that kind of thing is going on.

Bike Ride

All of that being said, i’m going to try and find some time today or this weekend to do something for me. Maybe go get my hair done, or go enjoy breakfast at denny’s with a good book. What ever… I encourage all of you to do the same. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, this weekend or today… find some time for YOU. No work, no clients, no marketing.. you only!




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