It’s not personal… it’s Business.

3 Mar

blue-business-man.jpg  There is not another line out there that is more bullshit than that. And i’ve heard it more times than I can count. My business IS personal… i don’t care what anyone says. And it darn well should be! Where, as entrepeneurs do we pour our hearts, souls, sweat, blood, tears, TIME? Into our business. Our businesses become our babies. We become instinctively protective over them. We become proud of them… they are like children. So WHY would we say something like business is NOT personal?

I recently had an opportunity to do some work for my husband’s boss. It would have been a nice large project with a hefty budget. But something kept nagging at me. The boss is a nice enough guy.. great to work for from my husband’s view point, and he liked the mock ups we sent. He was ready to write a check, and then he said that famous phrase and I thought twice. In order to do MY job well, i have to get to know a company. From it’s roots to it’s ends. I want to understand the personality behind the employees and owner(s), I want to know who the customers are, why they like working with this company etc etc. I need that info in order to come up with a good quality design. But he didn’t want to give me that info…and kept pushing the concept that nothing in business is personal. Yes it is. I wholeheartedly disagreed and because of that, i turned down the job. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe not.. but I’m glad i made that choice.

So … what do you think? Should business BE personal?



One Response to “It’s not personal… it’s Business.”

  1. inknform March 11, 2008 at 12:44 pm #

    as an artist, it can become MORE personal than you think and you end up turning down an opportunity to share your work because of some strong belief or (dare i say it)…too much pride.

    I do agree, however, that getting to know your client from top to bottom can always help in the creative process because the artwork begins to really tie into their company`s framwork. I know I make it a point to take those extra steps and reseach a company before designing a logo or any conceptual drawing for that matter.

    Now, I don`t know in what context your husband`s boss made that statement “its not personal, its business” but he may not see things the way you do and so you can`t discount that.

    We are a creative bunch…and therefore we can be very critical and perfect in our approach toward our work and other`s view.

    Business CAN be personal…but to what extent?

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