Back again with the living…

21 Mar

Well, my household and I decided that two weeks ago would be a FINE time to come down with the flu from hell. And when i say from Hell i mean this had to have been the work of something evil and twisted. 🙂 But we’re all on the mend, just the occasional cough. Thank goodness…and now that i’m back again into full swing, i feel justified taking a few minutes out of the day to blog. So how have you all been?!

I’ve discovered a new interest.. ok well it’s not so new.. as you all have seen some of my coloring and comic stuff that i’ve posted here and there. I went to my very first comic book store a few days ago… picked up some witchblade comic books, some tomb raider comic books and some others. Research. The more i look at this world the more i’m interested in learning more about it. Some of the artists who do that kind of work.. wow! Amazing art.

My birthday is coming.. and for me, it’s just another year, and at the same time, i’m feeling the need to do something FUN! With having the flu and being pent up inside and then getting bogged down and behind in work, now that i’m caught up i feel the need to get out, enjoy the sunshine, have a little party for myself or something LOL. Everyone keeps asking me for gift ideas.. and honestly i’m stumped. Everything i want is something i would never ask for. Just not in my nature i guess.

Well… for those of you interested.. here’s some of the work i’ve been up to lately 🙂 enjoy. – weightloss website design – website design clean up and tweaks for grooms – batman comic cover – just playing around – dragon painting – not happy with yet but it’s coming – work in progress of spiderman kissing Kitty.

There’s more but i don’t want to bore everyone 🙂 Hope you have a great friday and a FANTASTIC weekend!



One Response to “Back again with the living…”

  1. inknform March 24, 2008 at 6:48 pm #

    C&H has always been a fav of mine!

    Hey, good to hear you are over the flu & back into your artwork. Good stuff from what i`m seeing! Keep up the great work!

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