I’m not in a rut.. really i’m not…

26 Mar

170221_2837_writing.jpg   Ok, so the title of this thread is true.. i’m not in a rut.  But I AM stumped on a project.  I’ve been bustin out work left and right all week but this ONE site.. has me stumped.

But all of that got me thinking about the process..or at least my process for design.  I don’t know that I could do the whole in house thing anymore.  I’ll get a brief for a project and draft up some initial thoughts, brainstorm some goals or feelings or thoughts… and then procrastinate for a few hours.  I have to let everything percolate.  But sometimes it seems that certain projects just take trial and error .. i’ll do 3 or 4 concepts and still see just a bunch of hooey… then slack for another hour and suddenly get it together.  What’s YOUR method?  🙂  Do you design and brainstorm on the computer or with pencil and paper?  Do you play video games and slack for inspiration or do you just jump in and get your hands dirty? 🙂

Let’s hear about how you get started?




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