My favorite day…

17 Jul

There’s something about Thursdays. I tend to be very productive.. more than any other day on a thursday. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I know the week is almost over, tomorrow being Friday and all.

Today, so far i’ve managed to get quite a bit done. I finished a pretty large time consuming marketing campaign this morning, managed to keep up on all incoming mail. I’ve sent out 8 estimates so far today. Had a meeting with my programmer and all before 10:30.  And now i’m going to take a little break, grab some soda and a snack and then sit down and wrap up a site (well.. hopefully).

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with someone about our economy. It being what it is, this person was surprised I was managing to not only stay in business but actually be fairly busy with incoming potential work. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised we haven’t felt the crunch too. But never look a gift horse in the mouth right? We HAVE slowed down a bit, but it’s been by choice. We are about 2 maybe 3 months out from releasing a new piece of software that has the potential to change the way our industry runs. It’s exciting, and frustrating (as we just want it to be done). I feel as if we’re in the middle of the eye of a great storm. Even if the idea itself doesn’t make a cent, I look forward to helping shape the industry and make it safer for new designers. I look forward to making a difference.

Well, i better get back to work, but i just wanted to drop in and say a quick hi and hello to everyone.


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