It’s a thursday..

30 Oct


well.. it’s not friday.. and it’s not wednesday.. it’s that weird day in between known as Thursday.  So what do I have on my plate today?  Actually I have a nice quiet lull right now and i’m enjoying it.  Yesterday was so hectic between designing flash banners, designing one sheets and spec sheets, html emails, power point presentations (yuck – are there ANY designers out there who enjoy this task?) and spending hours in meetings… so i’m REALLY enjoying this quiet bliss before what will no doubt be yet another stormy day.  I spent a little time this morning decorating my cubicle for Halloween.  The office has a Halloween Party every year… along with a cublicle decorating contest, a pumpkin carving contest and a costume contest.

My cube is now covered in spidery cobwebs, flameless candles that flicker happily and of course the halloween candy dish full of caramel apple candy corn, and orange candy pumpkins, And what’s really great, I spent under $7.  Not that i’m being cheap but I’m not the type to decorate for halloween.

But what has really surprised me with all this halloween decorating nonsense.. is how much it’s lifted my mood already today.  I wasn’t expecting that!!  lol I’m not exactly a halloween lover.  So there.. I admitted it.  I decorated my office for halloween and ENJOYED IT!  hehe.

Well i better get back to it.. but to all of you stuck in a cubicle.. do yourself a favor.  DECORATE!  It might just make you smile!

Oh.. and the picture up top.. done by Hockmen :


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