Design by committee….

11 Dec

Hoo boy what a week i’ve had.  And in all honesty, I think i’m looking more forward to the holidays being over before they’ve even begun.  It dawned on me, I should change the heading to this I’m now no longer JUST a freelance designer, but I’m also now living in the corporate world.  Feels good – nice job security, but it’s definitely taken me some getting used to.  Why does it seem that corporations all seem to design by committee?  I wish I could limit them the way I can limit my clients.  But somehow I have a feeling THAT concept wouldn’t be met with much enthusiasm.  It seems they’re notorious for countless changes, being extremely wishy washy and only after you’ve exhausted just about EVERY concept imaginable – they go back to your original and FINALLY conceed to your judgement.

Well I better get back to work before someone catches me blogging – hehe.  Just wanted to check in and say a quick hi and hello.


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