Being interviewed by students…

20 Jan

So last year I got a call from the Seattle Art Institute asking if I’d be willing to allow 8-10 students to come and “interview” me for a large assignment they had.  They had to find 3 professional designers and interview them about what it’s like in the real world.  We met up at a diner and had breakfast food and I gave them the low down and dirty on the industry, what to expect, some of the challenges we face as creatives etc etc.  I also got the pleasure of seeing these student’s portfolios and it was an all around 3 hours of absolute bliss.

Well – this year they contacted me again and said that they wanted me to do it again.  Well it’s happening today – only this year rather than meeting at a diner, i’m letting them come down to the agency’s studio.  I’ve lined up one of our best HR recruiters whos’ going to talk to them about what they need (from her perspective) to land a job after they graduate, she’s going to go through their resumes, then we’re going to get to their questions and interview, then have a little lunch and then i’ll go through their portfolios.

I’m really looking forward to it this year, as last year it gave me such a motivational boost for many months following.  To get to see these kids who are so fresh, they haven’t been burned by clients, they haven’t been tapped , they’re still so innocent, it was absolutely refreshing; and a lot of fun to get to see fresh talent.

I’ve got work to do before they get here, so I better cut this short.  Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!



One Response to “Being interviewed by students…”

  1. Ben Peck November 21, 2009 at 4:35 am #

    I’m an adjunct instructor for the Art Institute of Salt Lake City and think that is a great idea. I’ll have to suggest that to the Director and see if it already been done here.

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