Possible Design Trend for 2009?

2 Feb

My Building in Seattle 🙂

So I’m on my way into work this morning.  My commute consists of about an hour and 45 minutes of driving at the butt crack of dawn to get to downtown  Seattle by 7:15 am.  But honestly, I love it.  it gives me a chance to wake up, to listen to the radio and hear what’s goin on in the world, and to look at all the ads and billboards and things you see as you get into the big city.  As a designer, I can’t help but look at what forms of communication other designers are making public.  But this morning, was a bit unusual.  Seems just about everybody changed their ads this weekend.  And I’m seeing things up for the Seattle Home Show, for insurance agencies etc etc.  One common theme ?? You bet ya.  Old school.  A bit retro.  And definitely “Homey”.

Seattle Home Show Ad

Seattle Home Show Ad

Then on my radio station they were discussing how tame the superbowl has gotten.  Pregame shows, Half times, the commercials… Now let me add something – i didn’t watch any of it this year – was sicker than a dog.   So… based on my radio station, the superbowl has gone Disney.  They were saying it was a lack of general creativity. … but perhaps the graphic designers, and advertisers are on a different kick.  With the american economy doing what it’s doing, perhaps it’s trying to bring back a bit of nostalgia- the good ol days.  I will be paying close attention to whether this really becomes a trend.. I think it will be interesting


One Response to “Possible Design Trend for 2009?”

  1. steve Jones September 15, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    Are you going to update your website now it’s 2013……Cheers, Steve

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