An amazing day…

26 Aug

So I’ve been carrying that torch for a week now.  Yep, been boss officially for a week.  Weird.  I don’t like the word boss but whatever.  It’s been an odd, stressful, wonderful week (so far), I know there is still one day left.

Today one of my contractors had a satisfied look on his face and I asked him how things were going.  He said “Great!” and then proceeded to tell me that the team felt different, but in a good way.  Our boss was a fantastic boss, and although we miss him and his friendship, he said the team was hunkering down and making serious progress.  That things were more organized, and we were working better as a team.  We’ve been scheduling in brainstorming sessions and taking some time to prepare as a team (when possible) for reviews.  Later, another team mate spoke up and shared similar sentiments.  And it’s true.  We’re creating some shared systems to help make our team more efficient and collaborating more.  It’s a really good feeling.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about all of this.  I knew I could do the work, and I’ve been in management roles before.  This one is/was different.  It’s one I truly care about, one I really want.  Being a manager on this team, this size of a team, on project that’s challenging and inspiring and fun.  But I find myself, a week in, finding a comfort I didn’t think I’d find.  As if the role was perfect for me all along.  Oh sure, there’s things I’m still trying to figure out – the hiring computer system is odd, and I have yet to figure out who to talk to about getting one of my contractor’s a laptop… but these things are small things that i’ll figure out and all will continue to be well.

Have you ever felt that way?  Been given the opportunity to truly challenge yourself and step up to a new role and be both terrified and excited all at the same time?  Did it turn out the way you’d hoped in the end?

Next week is sure to be an interesting one.  Lots of design work to do.  Some new UI and UX design to consider.  Things to plan and things to learn.  I might even get to work with a little typography if i’m lucky.  I hired a new guy and he starts on Monday.  So there will sure to be a lot of password issues, computer set ups and the like.  But he’s got a lot of skill, and his personality was a treat in his interview.  He even giggled! 😀  So I’m sure the rest of us will enjoy getting to know him and getting him up to speed.

Well, I’m done for the night, I hope all of you out there will enjoy your night!


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