In for some exciting things… i hope.

26 Jun

Innovation definition with magnifying glass

What is it about the design career that has people job hopping as much as we do?  Is it the volatile and risky side of working in a field like innovation?

In January, I had an amazing opportunity to go and work with IDEO.  For those of you who don’t know who they are – they are one of the top dogs in the design and innovation industry.  And let me tell you – was VERY eye opening for a LOT of reasons.

I thought i’d be intimidated.  That they’d have some insights into some new processes or new way of thinking about design, strategy and innovation that I didn’t know or understand.

I was wrong.  I ended up teaching THEM a few things.  What a shock!

Ideation Brainstorming

But it led me to thinking about my career.  Where I’ve been and where i’d like to go with it.  Having owned and run a design studio for 6 years, then working as a creative director for an ad agency, working at Microsoft Research on projects that wouldn’t hit the shelves for 4-5 years, working here at T-Mobile on devices and anything involving NUI.  I’ve done a lot.  My favorite thing tho – is design strategy.  Working at the forefront of technology, designing new innovative tech that pushes boundaries.  Even have a few patents under my belt now.  Been managing an amazing team of folks for quite some time.  Leading doesn’t intimidate me. Nor do the corporate politics.

Once I figured that out – wasn’t hard to figure out that perhaps it’s time to put all my focus into doing that.  I’m interviewing.  Have a few places that are trying to recruit me and frankly, i’m excited to see where both of them go.  One is overseas.  Yep – you heard me right.  Working internationally!  Would be a BIG decision – but so far – the job and the offer is something i’d be stupid to turn down.

The second one – is back at MS.  Would be a GIANT step up from where I was when I left.  A little intimidated by that – but excited all the same.

Where I go from here?  Not sure yet – have a few things to weigh and figure out – but either way – in for a really exciting ride!!


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