Etiquette for the interviewer

10 Jul

There are plenty of articles and writings about what etiquette you should follow when you are interviewing for a job, so I am not going to touch that.  This particular post is going to cover the other side to the spectrum.  The etiquette for the business who is interviewing.  I’ve had a few interviews lately, some overseas and some here in town, and a few of my friends have been interviewing with a few local companies as well, so I feel justified in sharing my experiences. 

If you’re interviewing a candidate for a high caliber position, please remember that they are interviewing YOU as well.  The interview process can be stressful enough as it is, there is no need to make things worse by either dragging the process out to be 8-11 weeks or dropping the ball on communicating with the candidate.  Doing that is the best way to lose the interest of that candidate.  You end up coming across as a business who doesn’t care about it’s employees, which ultimately, isn’t going to bring you the best top caliber candidates.  Not to mention, all their friends who listen to them unload their stress will also get a look at how you practice business and you’ll find your reputation gets tainted very quickly.  A friend of mine did 8 rounds of an interview recently with a smaller agency.  8 rounds!  Finally, my friend had enough and ended the stress – but now another friend is asking me for a referral for that same company, and I’m leery of letting her go into the interview process without knowing what she’s getting into. 

I’ve been doing multiple rounds with an overseas company.  The stakes get a little higher when you’re trying to go international.  And after multiple rounds and a verbal promise to receive an offer – communication came to a halt and I’ve heard nothing but crickets chirping.  I’ve reached out, to hear even more silence.  Now it’s only been a week – so I won’t jump to too many conclusions just yet, but folks? if it’s going to take some time, let your candidate KNOW!  If they really want to work there – they’ll wait.  They’ll figure out something to do with their time for a little bit longer.  At least then they won’t think that you’ve gone cold or changed your mind or just disappeared off the face of the planet. 


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