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Happy Friday everyone!

20 Jul

It’s been a busy month.  Launched some new apps this month, and saw the release of a few of the apps I worked on at Microsoft.  I feel very accomplished.  🙂  Have quite a few other apps (both mobile and tablet) in the works as well.  Some very exciting stuff!

Apps I’ve designed/developed and/or contributed to in the last 3 years:

1. Microsoft Tag for iPhone

2. Microsoft Tag for Android

3. Microsoft Tag for Windows Phone

4. Fresh Paint for windows 8 Tablet

5.  Bonus Apps for WinPhone

6.  Wi-Fi Calling App for WinPhone

7.  An IP Communications app soon to be released for iPhone

8.  An IP Communications app soon to be released for Android

9.  Same app but for WinPhone

Love designing for the tablets – you can do much richer interactions and really push innovation in new ways.  Metro and the new Windows design paradigms are a blast to create for as well.

Well – would love to hear what you all are working on these days.  What have you accomplished in the last month?


Fresh Paint for Windows 8 review

19 Jul

Fresh Paint for Windows 8 review.

Yay it’s released!  Reviews seem to be going well as well!


So to those who don’t know what I’ve linked to here.  It’s a tablet application for the new windows 8 tablet that has just hit the marketplace.  This is an app I worked on and helped consult on when I worked at Microsoft.

Its an art application that tries to be realistic about paint textures and blending and what not.  If you have a nice touch screen – you can paint using a dry paint brush and it will pick up the individual bristles of the brush – building paint on those bristles and then painting a stroke with each bristle’s touch point.  VERY fun to play with.

Some AWESOME tutorials

12 Dec

Paint a portrait in 30 steps –

How to paint eyes –

Hanagumori –

Realistic Painting –

How does a whole month slip by so fast?

29 Apr

Been busy this month.  I’ve completed a new booth design for the company I work for full time now.  Along with a complete set of new collateral and brochures.  I’ve done some work with HR to “decorate” the offices a bit more than your typical standard office posters and artwork.  Going to have to grab the camera and take some pictures when it’s all done.  I’ve built about 6 microsites and designed about 12 others that haven’t launched yet for some pretty big name clients which is always a bit of an honor.  Still waiting for the new machine at work – hoping end of the week that I’ll get it from the IT guys.  Also currently studying up on some new techniques for building some really complex flash demos.  It’s exciting work actually – ground breaking in that I’m trying to do something a bit different than your standard demo.

On a personal note – i also managed to get a bit further in a comic i’m working on – 🙂 which in my book is ALWAYS a good thing.  Progress!

Things i’ve learned in the last month:  Corporations never really change.  Why I thought 5 years would improve things is beyond me.  But at least i know i’m strong enough to handle that world.  If only I could get through to these people that I’m not a button pusher, i’m an artist with valuable marketing and business experience and valid ideas. 🙂  They’re slowly coming around, so we’ll see.

Oh.. and I’m expecting my second child.  🙂  I’ve also learned that i’m not one of those women who enjoy being pregnant.  Instead of that beautiful rosy glow that some pregnant women get – i’ve discovered my glow is mostly pea green.  We’re due on November 20th and the hubby is just beside himself he’s so giddy.  It’s quite funny.

Well must get back to work.  But wanted to check in with everyone and see how life was going.

Talk to you all later!


Inspiration Friday and the end to a long week

13 Mar


This week has been strange, my department moved to a new building about a block from the old one.  Here’s a view from the 13th floor I found online 🙂 I’m up on the 18th floor so i can see a bit further than this but it’s the exact buildings I get to look at from the windows.

Since it’s friday – i figured I should post up some inspiration for everyone.  🙂  Funny how I look forward to posting these as much as some of you look forward to recieving them.  And always – it’s nice to recognize talent 🙂

simplicity by bella elizabetta

simplicity by bella elizabetta

helvetica poster

helvetica poster


Web Interface Design

Web Interface Design

(Yet another) Tribute to Typography

28 Jan
Beautiful Typography Poster by Mibi

Beautiful Typography Poster by Mibi

Typography CD Covers by Punktlos

Typography CD Covers by Punktlos

Tutorials Everywhere….

28 Jan

CDisco Ball Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Disco Ball Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Learn how to create these awesome Heart Icons

Learn how to create these awesome Heart Icons

Challenge yourself and your creativity with this Illustrator tutorial

Challenge yourself and your creativity with this Illustrator tutorial

grungy polaroid tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

grungy polaroid tutorial for Adobe Photoshop

Use this tutorial to learn how to create rain drops in Photoshop

Use this tutorial to learn how to create rain drops in Photoshop