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Well – I got it…

30 Aug

Now I’m just waiting for the actual offer to come through.  Guess I didn’t bomb the interview like I thought I did.  Mind you – there were 7 interviews plus a group portfolio review, so maybe, even though I forgot to say those things (look at previous post), it still must have shined through.  Now fingers crossed that the offer comes swiftly and is a good one.  🙂

So what have you all been up to lately?  Any cool projects you’re working on (either professionally or on the side)?

I had a neat opportunity yesterday to be a guest speaker/guest teacher for a design college here in Seattle.  Had a blast, as I typically do when I get the opportunity to work with students.  But it led me to think about a few things.  Continue reading


It’s that time again… inspiring Typography

3 Sep

Well, it’s been a while, and I love doing these… giving artists some recognition for the beauty they’ve bestowed upon us all… ok yea i’m feeling poetic today.

So let’s get down to it!!

This one is titled “I love you” by BeJay

Beautiful Typography Display

Beautiful Typography Display


Ok this one is by Akakost and it’s titled what else?  Anakost.  It’s absolutely GORGEOUS tho.

And last for today, but certainly NOT least….

This one is titled Typography and is by grafikcanavari



Calling all Designers & Web Designers

8 Aug

The Survey, 2008


Calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. It is time once again to pool our information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way our profession is practiced worldwide.

Possibly the most important invention of the past century, the web is undeniably one of the most robust engines of knowledge transfer, political and social change, artistic endeavor, and economic growth the world has seen.

Remove the web, and billions in trade disappear. Websites enable people who can’t walk to run to the store. They bring knowledge and freedom of thought to places where such things are scarce; make every person with a connection a citizen of the world; and allow every citizen to be heard.

Yet nobody bothered to conduct a serious inquiry into the working conditions of people who make websites until A List Apart launched its first survey in 2007.

Last year nearly 33,000 of you took the survey, enabling us to begin figuring out what kinds of job titles, salaries, and work situations are common in our field.

The responses to last year’s survey began teaching the world about the previously invisible profession powering its information economy. The responses also taught us what we did wrong in constructing the survey.

This year’s survey corrects many of last year’s mistakes, with more detailed and numerous questions for freelance contractors and owners of (or partners in) small web businesses. There are also better international categories, and many other improvements recommended by those who took the survey last year.

As we did last year, we will analyze this year’s data and publish the results for all to see in an upcoming issue of A List Apart. We will also, as we did last year, provide an “anonymized” version of the raw data, so that the highly motivated among you can do your own number crunching.

Enough talk! Please take the survey and encourage your friends and colleagues who make websites to do likewise. The world is watching.


70 Expert Ideas for Better CSS Coding on the Web

7 Aug
Picture of a computer mouse

Picture of a computer mouse

Found this today on Smashing Magazine’s Blog and wanted to share. It’s an excellent resource for those who work with CSS coding on the web. Even just picking up one or two good habits can really affect how your code comes across and what how compliant you are overall. Perfect for us web designers.

Click here for PDF: 70-expert-ideas

The value in learning how to recieve a critique…

29 May


As a designer, and an artist, I get asked all the time to critique other people’s work.  I enjoy doing it.  But the one thing I have learned over the years… if you ask someone for a critique.. do yourself a favor and ACTUALLY listen to what they have to say.  Now that doesn’t mean that a critique should be taken as gold… it is an opinion.  The best way to handle critiques.. listen, don’t argue and don’t offer excuses.  Thank the person who’s advice you were given and go home or take a break and filter through it.  If they offered you 5 things to fix.. that doesn’t mean you need to fix all 5 things, but you should at least TRY to consider 1 or two..especially if you’re hearing the same critiques from multiple people.

I can’t tell you the amount of times i’ve had people offer excuses, arguments etc etc.  Now of course there is a fine line to this… as artists, we all have our own style, and maybe the person who’s just critiqued you doesn’t have the same style or taste as your own.  So keep that in mind.  When you’re looking for someone to critique your work, make sure to look at their own work, figure out what styles they like.  I am not a pink fan.. so anyone coming to me with a pink project they want critiqued will probably get less enthusiasm than if it were another color.

I hope you all have been healthy, happy and well…. will probably post up some of our latest works in a little bit.

Have a good one!

JW Design Center

I’m not in a rut.. really i’m not…

26 Mar

170221_2837_writing.jpg   Ok, so the title of this thread is true.. i’m not in a rut.  But I AM stumped on a project.  I’ve been bustin out work left and right all week but this ONE site.. has me stumped.

But all of that got me thinking about the process..or at least my process for design.  I don’t know that I could do the whole in house thing anymore.  I’ll get a brief for a project and draft up some initial thoughts, brainstorm some goals or feelings or thoughts… and then procrastinate for a few hours.  I have to let everything percolate.  But sometimes it seems that certain projects just take trial and error .. i’ll do 3 or 4 concepts and still see just a bunch of hooey… then slack for another hour and suddenly get it together.  What’s YOUR method?  🙂  Do you design and brainstorm on the computer or with pencil and paper?  Do you play video games and slack for inspiration or do you just jump in and get your hands dirty? 🙂

Let’s hear about how you get started?



Back again with the living…

21 Mar

Well, my household and I decided that two weeks ago would be a FINE time to come down with the flu from hell. And when i say from Hell i mean this had to have been the work of something evil and twisted. 🙂 But we’re all on the mend, just the occasional cough. Thank goodness…and now that i’m back again into full swing, i feel justified taking a few minutes out of the day to blog. So how have you all been?!

I’ve discovered a new interest.. ok well it’s not so new.. as you all have seen some of my coloring and comic stuff that i’ve posted here and there. I went to my very first comic book store a few days ago… picked up some witchblade comic books, some tomb raider comic books and some others. Research. The more i look at this world the more i’m interested in learning more about it. Some of the artists who do that kind of work.. wow! Amazing art.

My birthday is coming.. and for me, it’s just another year, and at the same time, i’m feeling the need to do something FUN! With having the flu and being pent up inside and then getting bogged down and behind in work, now that i’m caught up i feel the need to get out, enjoy the sunshine, have a little party for myself or something LOL. Everyone keeps asking me for gift ideas.. and honestly i’m stumped. Everything i want is something i would never ask for. Just not in my nature i guess.

Well… for those of you interested.. here’s some of the work i’ve been up to lately 🙂 enjoy.

http://jwdesigncenter.deviantart.com/art/Template-Design-2-79706591 – weightloss website design

http://jwdesigncenter.deviantart.com/art/GroomGroove-80503413 – website design clean up and tweaks for grooms

http://jwdesigncenter.deviantart.com/art/Batman-79924356 – batman comic cover – just playing around

http://jwdesigncenter.deviantart.com/art/Vagrant-Story-80011353 – dragon painting – not happy with yet but it’s coming

http://jwdesigncenter.deviantart.com/art/Work-in-Progress-spiderman-80508720 – work in progress of spiderman kissing Kitty.

There’s more but i don’t want to bore everyone 🙂 Hope you have a great friday and a FANTASTIC weekend!